On this page any author can place his poetic works. Texts should not contain obscene language, calls for violence and racial discrimination.


Far to the horizon

Will slowly I fly,

Looking for new hope

And other lives to try.


Far high in the star dust

Will I read my destiny -

Walking a long way

Asking the world to set me free.


Far down to the ground

Will I silently fall

Alive but strongly painful

Hardly able to even crawl.


Far into my life

Have I made mistakes

But my ink is still not dry

To write afresh a new page.


Ten thousand miles shall I walk, shall I run
To fight for my dreams and seek ways to the sun.
Ten thousand steps up the rocks shall I crawl 
To free out my way and get keys to the soul.


Ten thousand days shall I wait, shall I stay 
Unnoticed, unseen, unforeseen and delayed,
Ten thousand ways shall I try to begin 
Till I get to the door that will lead me to win.


Ten thousand stars shall I find, shall I count 
Till fortune decides that I'm ready to mount,
Ten thousand words shall I say on the way 
To crystallize promise and prove no betray.


Ascending is slow and hopes can be weak,
The wanted is far and perspectives are bleak, 
But merging the time, the persist and the will
Ten thousand more you'll obtain for appeal.


Once choice is made, the price is paid
For life, for freedom - at a rate.
No sleepless nights, no conscious fight
And soul completely shed with light.


The path to choice is hard and long,
Aside is frequent, doubt is strong,
Infinite wandering in the dark,
When lights go off, the steps are stuck.


The taste of choice is strange and new,
For some unknown, bitter, blue...
For others fresh and deeply sweet,
Though (it) takes a life to try a bit.


Once choice is made, the cards are laid,
The Game of fortune, chance or fate,
Unknown rules, some players blind 
And door with light is yet to find.


Results of choice are lost in years,
Can urge (to) look back and strengthen fears, 
But when the colors prove so bright
We learn to save and guard the light.

Sharon D.